International Erik Laxman Society

The Society is an unincorporated association whose objective is the promotion of the legacy of Erik Laxman and his scientific activity. The Society also serves as a nexus of researchers and all people interested in Erik Laxman or his son Adam Laxman and Erik Laxman’s work in Siberia. The society preserves the legacy of connections to Japan opened by the Laxmans. The Society also promotes research and disseminates research results in the areas of history of science and international relations and the areas of natural sciences promoted by Erik Laxman.

The Society supports its members and partners in their endeavours to publish new research and information concerning the above mentioned topics by maintaining the website and organizing together with committed partners events related to the legacy of Erik Laxman. The Society can also coordinate and engage in publishing activities and sponsor its members with letter of recommendation in pursuing grants and scholarships for above-mentioned topics.

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  • Subsriber will receive information and news concerning the topic by subscriging to the mailing list of the Society. Those considering subscription can have a look at newsletter archive.
  • A person with significant contribution for support of the Society’s goals (publications or work for the Society) can be invited as a corresponding member. Retaining the status of the corresponding member is prerequisite to demonstrating new contributions during last three calendar year  from the last Society annual meeting.
  • A patron can be an institution or person providing at the minimum an annual contribution of 100 euros to support actions contained in the Society’s work plan.

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If you wish to become a corresponding member, please send a curriculum vitae to the secretary and describe how you have contributed to the study of Erik Laxman and/or related topics.

Corresponding members of the Society

Corresponding members 2024

Mr. Hideki Aihara (Japan)

  • Long-time work on the topic in Japan

Mr. Phil Lic. Juhani Heiska (Finland)

  • Long-time contributor for research and main authority on Erik Laxman,  website development, board member.

Mr. Ph.D. Pellervo Kokkonen  (Finland)

  • Laxman website development, secretary-general of the Society.

Ms. M.Phil. Chikage Konishi-Räsänen (Finland)

  • Master’s thesis on Laxman. Laxman website development, board member.

Ms. M.Sc. Elena Makarova (Russia) 

  • Research on Laxman in Siberia

Ms. Chieko Okabe-Silvasti  (Finland)

  • Artistic Laxman productions in Savonlinna, networking in Japan, board member

Mr. Tero Salomaa (Finland)

  • Chairman of “Japanilaisen kulttuurin ystävät r.y. [Friends of Japanese Culture in Finland] worked at Hokkaido University office in Helsinki and has extensively researched the relationship between Japan and Finland from cultural and historical perspectives.  

Mr. Dr. Koichi Toyokawa  (Japan)

  • Research on Laxman in Japan, board member


The administration of the Society will remain streamlined. Decision concerning actions will be made in the annual meeting among corresponding members who take responsibility of implementing actions. The annual meeting will also select secretary-general responsible for administration and coordinating activity and if deemed necessary a management teams amongst the corresponding members. The signing of the Society charter and the nominatix  on of the officials and corresponding member is expected to take place in 2022. Invitation to the founding meeting will be sent to all subscribers and corresponding members will be nominated among the founding member by the founding meeting.

The Society is legally represented by Pyhän Olavin Kilta ry (Kilta; registered association under Finnish law). Kilta will nominate supporting official to cooperate with the Society. Kilta will manage the financial matters of the Society on a separate account provide an annual financial report to the annual meeting of the Society.

The charter of the Society will be approved by the founding meeting and distributed after that to the members.