Founding meeting / general assembly 2024

International Erik Laxman Society

Online pre-meeting February 12-15 2024.
General assembly meeting February 16  11.00 (EET) Riihisaari Museum, Savonlinna and on-line.

On this page you find the full insructions for taking part in the meeting

Here is a list of actions for participants for the pre-meeting.

In the comment section of this page:
1. Make proposals for persons to be selected to the board (in the comment section of this page)
2. Propose amendations to the charter of the society.
3. Propose amendations to the annual plan and budget 2024

Please, remember to identify yourself in the comments.

AGENDA for the general assembly (pre-meeting & general assembly)

  1. Opening of the assembly and confirmation of participants
  2. Election of chairperson and secretary for the meeting
  3. Resolution about the foundation of the society (meeting participants will be recorded as founding members)
  4. Resolution concerning the charter of the society.
  5. Presentation of the membership of the society
  6. Approval of action plan and budget for 2024.
  7. Nomination of the board (3-5 members) and the secretary general of the society
  8. Closing of the meeting

Participation in the general assembly / founding meeting of the society 16.2. 11:00e EET
Link to the online-meeting: Click to join (liity kokoukseen napsauttamalla tästä)

It is possible to attend on-site in Riihisaari Museum Savonlinna. Prior registration is not necessary for subscribing members.

Annual plan 2024

International Erik Laxman Society


After two-year preparation period, volunteers in Savonlinna and the international network of  interested persons and institutions is ready to formally establish the society. The volunteer group is mostly based in Savonlinna, but established and promoted contacts in Finland and Japan related to the theme. Parallel to the organization of the Society, a website has been developed, which is ready to be officially launched simultaneously with the founding of the Society. It is hoped, that these two events will encourage everyone interested in the theme to further promote knowledge and legacy of Erik Laxman.

Networking and partnerships

The Society will actively open contacts internationally with parties potentially interested in sharing knowledge about Erik Laxman and his scientific legacy in Japan, Finland, Sweden, France and through scientific societies and institutions worldwide. it is expected that through partners new information concerning Erik Laxman can be recovered and fruitful exchange established for publication and public dissemination of information.

Publicity and new member acquisition

The Society’s communications will be directed via media, website and with the help of email communication platform. The following activities will be undertaken:

  • compilation of address list of interested partner organisations and stakeholders around the world and generation of 1-3 newletters to this target audience, firstly about the establishment of the society.
  • communication to the media (locally, science media) primarily in Finland and Japan about events and information about Erik Laxman.
  • active communication to subscribing members about Society events through email communication platform.
  • Promotion of Society membership in all channels of communication
  • The Society will look for a volunteer community manager in order to develop social media channels. Existing channels on Linkedin ( and Mastodon will be reactivated.

Website development and the promotion of events

Erik Laxman website has been finalized in its initial form in February 2024. The goal is to maintain it as a live website with current information, in-depth analysis and views about different topics and sharing information about current events. The aim in 2024 is to publish more articles concerning the main themes of the website by engaging corresponding members of the society.

Administration and fund raising

The executive board will monitor and develop the activities of the Society with the assistance of sectary-general. The board will support activities by engaging in networking and activation of volunteers to contribute to activities and content to the website.

Administrative support will be provided by Pyhän Olavin Kilta, the parent association of the Society, who will provide accounting and  act as a legal representative of the Society. The secretary-general of the Society will act as a link between the executive board  and the board of Pyhän Olavin Kilta.

The current grants will be exploited in January-February and to continue activities, the Society will look for new opportunities by developing project proposals. The executive board will discuss and re-activate fund-raising for the support of Society’s goals.


The General Assembly urges Society Executive Board to apply for new grants to enable continued activity particularly in the field of communication.


  1. Grants
    • Malmi Foundation grant residual for 2024 € 1,800
    • New grants € 3,800

Total Income: € 5,600


  1. Program Expenses:
    • Community Events: € 100
    • Educational Workshops: € 300
  2. Communication:
    • Publication activities € 4,800
    • Website maintenance € 300
  3. Miscellaneous Expenses: € 100

Total Expenses: € 5,600

Net Surplus/Deficit: € 0,00


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