Laxmann Society

Charter of the International Erik Laxman Society

International Erik Laxman Society

Approved by the general assembly x.x. 2024

  1. Purpose

The purpose of International Erik Laxmann Society (the SOCIETY) is promote the legacy of Erik and Adam Laxmann and Daikokuya Kodayu by connection worldwide people interested in the  history of the exploration and scientific inquiry of Siberia. The SOCIETY will promote networking and cooperation in history of science and international relations, contemporary scientific inquiry related to the legacy of above mentioned persons and artistic and cultural productions related to the theme.

The SOCIETY aims to facilitate international exchange to promote publication or books, articles and online content. The SOCIETY coordinates the distribution of material related to its thematic focus and supports its member and partners in acquiring grants and scholarships for promoting the purposes of the SOCIETY.

  • Legal identity

International Laxmann Society is a subsidiary of and in legal matters  represented by Pyhän Olavin Kilta ry (KILTA – legal person; St. Olav’s Guild Non-profit Association).  Registered in Finland under Finnish law. Business ID 0661942-9.  The SOCIETY acts according to the laws of the Republic of Finland.

  • Membership

Subscribers can recieve news and communications of current events and materials published by the society distributed online.

A Corresponding member can be person who actively contributes to knowledge or provides other output concerning the purposes of the SOCIETY that can be distributed via SOCIETY’s communication channels. Or a person who actively participates in the management of the SOCIETY. A person is eligible to apply for corresponding member status based on contributions  during former three calendar years from the current year.

A Patron (sponsor) in an organization or individual who annually contributes an amount over 100€ for support of the SOCIETY or endorsed by the SOCIETY raises substantial financial support for external project or purpose supporting the purposes stated in this charter.

  • Organization

The general assembly of the SOCIETY meets annually in April. Corrensponding member of the SOCIETY are eligible to take part in in the general assembly. The general assembly

  1. Approves the annual report
  2. Approves the annual action plan and budget
  3. Approves the financial report
  4. Nominates 3-5 board members from corresponding members of the SOCIETY so that the board is geopraphically representative of the SOCIETY’s membership and approves the nomination of the secretary-general of the SOCIETY.
  5. Approves proposed modifications to the charter.

The general assembly meets via email meeting or combination of on-site and distance meeting using methods that enable the identification of participants beyond reasonable doubt.

The executive board of the SOCIETY

  1. elects the chairperson from among its members
  2. prepares the annual action plan and budget
  3. prepares the annual report
  4. coordinates the implementation of the action plan and communication activities of the SOCIETY
  5. collectively and each board member in her/his country recruits new members and  promotes networking and the communication activies of the SOCIETY.
  6. Maintains the list of corresponding members based on applications received.

The secretariat of the SOCIETY consists of supporting persons at Pyhän Olavin Kilta ry in Savonlinna including the secretary-general of the SOCIETY nominated by Pyhän Olavin Kilta and other officials supporting the administration of the SOCIETY.  The secretariat supports the board in the implementation of the action plan and the maintenance of communication channels.

  • Assets and financial reporting

For the maintenance of communication channels and publication activities the SOCIETY may collect funds in the form of contributions. In agreement with the executive board, KILTA may apply for grants for support of purposes of the SOCIETY.

KILTA is responsible for accounting and financial reporting.  The assets will be kept as a separate book keeping unit and a certified financial report will be annually submitted to the general assembly.

  • Resolution of disputes

Any arising disputes concerning the actions of the SOCIETY will be resolved through cordial negotiation between the SOCIETY and other party/parties concerned. Unresolved legal disputes will be resolved at Etelä-Savon käräjäoikeus (District Court of Southern Savonia) as a court of first instance.

  • Approval and modification of the charter and the dissolution of the SOCIETY

The executive board with the approval of KILTA may propose to the general assembly modifications to the charter of the SOCIETY.

In the face of insurmountable difficulties, the executive board may propose to KILTA dissolution of the SOCIETY or KILTA may unilaterally make the decision to dissolve the SOCIETY by the end of the current calendar year. The board and secretariat have the responsibility to consult corresponding members about the decision and notify subscribers and patrons. Before the dissolution, KILTA is responsible for using remaining funds according to the current action plan or for actions supporting the purposes stipulated in the charter and submitting a concluding financial for the current calendar year for the executive board and corresponding members.